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Air Hole: While in the drainage process, the unobstructed vertical opening amongst the lowest opening of the squander line as well as flood standard of the device into which it empties. Its objective is to forestall backflow contamination.

Bonnet: The top portion of a compression valve assembly, it holds the valve in place as it really is tightened from the valve seat at the opposite conclude with the assembly.

A water heater valve that controls water flow and balances heat distribution to distinctive places.

A pipe fitting accustomed to join two pipes of various sizes. A bushing is threaded within and out. Also a cylindrical aspect employed to be a lining or guideline

The first artery of supply of your water supply or drain program in which the many branches connect. In the situation of drains, called the key Vent.

No-Hub Connector: A connector for no-hub iron pipe consisting of the rubber sleeve and also a stainless-steel band secured by hose clamps.

Variance in elevation concerning the liquid volume of the discharge tank plus the centerline in the pump. Also contains any supplemental tension head That could be current on the discharge tank fluid surface.

PB: Stands for polybutylene. A bendable plastic tubing most frequently accustomed to supply water to bathroom fixtures.

A vertical, air-filled pipe or spring coil, set over the water line to absorb strain when water is turned off at the faucet. Utilized to remove water hammer.

As water is introduced, it expands to grip the pipe, and releases pulsating bursts of water through the nozzle, forcing water through the pipe to apparent the obstruction. Often known as a blowfish.

Scale: A skinny coating or layer, ordinarily calcium on The underside of the tank or inside parts that will stop heat transfer.

Squander pipe accustomed visit their website to Express grey water by discharging it into a plumbing fixture like a flooring drain

A brief duration of pipe threaded on both equally ends (normally below twelve) mounted in between couplings or other fittings.

A sewer and drain cleaning machine that works by using large water strain directed via a hose and nozzle to comprehensively clear the pipe. Also referred to as a water jetter or hydro-jetter

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